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⚠️Brand Your Brilliance BOOTCAMP⚠️

An intense 6 week bootcamp

Start Date: Monday June 24th @ 7pm EST

This immersive program focuses on packaging, positioning, and promoting your offer to ensure it stands out in the marketplace. You'll learn to create compelling value propositions, develop strategic messaging, and implement effective marketing tactics. By the end of the bootcamp, you'll have a robust, market-ready impact offer that resonates with your target audience and drives meaningful engagement and results. Join us to elevate your impact and maximize your reach.

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Total Value $5,497

You Pay $997

"She has helped me show up online to tell my story & set myself apart from other wig makers + made my investment back" - Diamond | Wig Coach

"I'm at a loss for words. The ebook change was a game changer... just top notch"

Cookie | Life Coach

"As someone who has hired several branding coaches, today I have truly walked away with a lot of high value"

Glenda | Career Strategist

Client Feedback


Weekly Group Sessions: Join us every Thursday at 7 PM EST for intensive, interactive group meetings.

Continuous Support: Enjoy dedicated chat support throughout the entire 6-week bootcamp.

Live Q&A:

Personalize your offer and launch plan with real-time feedback and expert guidance.

Follow Up Support : Benefit from an additional 30 days of chat support after the bootcamp to ensure your success.

What's Up


Coach Shaniqua here, I'm a faith-based brand strategist dedicated to equipping Christian women entrepreneurs with branding & marketing strategies that work...


My journey from corporate America to brand strategy wasn't just a career move; it was a calling. Along the way, I unearthed the keys to blending faith, purpose, and profit.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by Christian women in the marketplace, I've honed in on strategies that prioritize your divine purpose while ensuring you and your brand thrives. Through tailored programs and coaching sessions, I guide you in establishing brands that resonate, inspire, and prosper.

With actionable insights and faith as our compass, together we'll elevate your brand to serve both your audience and His purpose.

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