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Constantly creating content that yields little to no results for your business.

Setting goals the allows you to create relevant content that yields results.

Attracting the wrong clients (or no clients)

Attracting the right people who are actually interested in your services and offers.

Waiting for clients to come knocking at your doorstep.

Establishing your credibility as the go to person in your industry for your ideal clients

In just 12 weeks, gain the clarity and the confidence you need to position your business for success.

Ready to start taking your business seriously?

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12 weeks packed with essential content and simple to implement strategies!

An all inclusive Interactive workbook is included

Access to a supportive and
safe space

Module 1:

Mastering your mindset, setting effective goals and clarifying who you are as a brand. Leaning into the 4'cs of your brand and my clarity roadmap formula, we will map out the core of your brand.

Module 3:

Nowww we can get into the content. We will cover the different types of content you should be creating, how to create content consistently, and in a way that converts.

Module 2:

Have you ever heard people say "conduct market research" but never tell you how? Well in this module you'll learn the most efficient ways to conduct market research, target market research, and more for maximum positioning power!

Module 4:

Designing your brand based on consumer psychology, human behaviors, and proven design techniques. Choosing your favorite colors is not a plan and as much as I love pinterest that won't work either. 


You're a service-based female entrepreneur who is ready to clarify your message to attract the right clients and customers.

You are currently making less than 5k per month as a coach, consultant, speaker, community builder etc. and ready to position yourself for profit.

You are tired of listening to gurus constantly telling you to post content on social media for likes and comments but doesn't serve your business and you're looking for strategies that actually work.

You are NOT afraid of creating video content.

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  • Each week you will learn applicable and actionable, easy to implement strategies.

  • These strategies are broken down into teachable steps for beginner to intermediate business owners.

  • No more guessing the HOW behind what makes an online business successful.



  • We will meet virtually every week for 8 weeks to review the interactive workbook. 

  • In addition to our weekly sessions you will also have access to office hours twice a month to come in and get any additional support you may need.

  • You will also receive 2 weeks of offboarding support following our time together.



  • As you go through this cohort you will connect with other like minded service-based female entrepreneurs.

  • Because each student is hand picked, healthy relationships typically develop inside and outside of the community.

  • You will receive accountability and support from myself and others inside the cohort.

"I have clarity I couldn't find before..."


"I got so much confidence..."

Prudence 2.jpg

"This group has helped me build confidence..."


"Filled with valuable content..."


"I've had so many AHA moments..."



The next cohort kicks off in March 2023

  • Interactive Workbook (Value $300)

  • Access to all 4 Modules (Value $5000)

  • 10 Live Coaching Sessions (Value $10000)

  • Brand Mastermind Community (Value $2000)

  • Exclusive Office Hours (Value $3000)

  • 2 Weeks Offboarding Support (Value $3000)

Total value = $23,300

YOU'LL PAY $2,000

  • Is the program right for me?
    This is a valid question. If you are a female service-based business owner making less than $5,000 per month consistently I would say this program could be beneficial for you. However, you are the only one who can make that decision so I encourage you to reach out to me and schedule a 15 minute consultation so you can address any hesitation you have and determine if its a good fit for your business.
  • How long does the entire program take to complete?
    This cohort is 8 weeks of learning and 2 weeks of offboarding so in total 10 weeks.
  • What happens after I apply?
    Once you apply, your application will be reviewed in detail. Within 48 hours you will receive an email from stating if you have been accepted or not and any additional steps you will need to take.
  • Is this program beginner friendly?
    Yes, this program is for beginner to intermediate level. Regardless of where you are I will not leave you behind.
  • How much time will I need to dedicate?
    The program is 8 weeks long and we will meet 2 hours per week. You will also need to allot at least 1 hour outside of our sessions to complete assignments. So about 3 to 4 hours per week.
  • How many people will be accepted into the program?
    In an effort to keep it intimate and highly impactful there are a maximum of 10 business owners per cohort.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    Yes, there is. However, you save more when you pay in full. Option 1: 2 payments of $850 or Option 2: 4 payments of $425. In the event that you require a payment plan we will discuss the details pending your application is acceptance into the program.
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